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Bulgaria Carpathian Balkan Basin

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Bulgarian overview

Economic overview

  • EU, NATO and WTO member
  • Area - 110,994  km2
  • Population  - 7,36 million
  • GDP reached Euro 40 bn. in 2013 and Euro 42 bn. in 2014

Gas market

  • Bulgarian gas market is very small in comparison to other European countries.
  • Current average price for natural gas to both retail and industrial consumers is Euro 268/1000 m³
  • Bulgaria has well developed infrastructure for transportation of natural gas - network reaches Turkey, Greece &  Macedonia.
  • Parliament introduced a moratorium on all hydraulic stimulation for conventional and unconventional gas at the beginning of 2012. Moratorium now amended to cover unconventional gas.

Natural gas production and consumption in Bulgaria, bn. m3



Natural gas proved reserves in Bulgaria, bn. m3


Fiscal Terms

Corporate income tax
monthly payments required
monthly payments required

Royalty fee

R-factor = TCI/TCC


TCI- cumulative income, related to the object of concession for all periods under review, reduced by the paid concession payments;
TCC - cumulative costs of prospecting, exploration, evaluation, development, operation, for all periods under review;

The calculated R-factor is in the following limits:

Under 1.50:
Concession 2.5%

1.50 to 1.75:
 Concession 5.00%

1.75 to 2.00:
Concession 7.50% to 12.50%

2.50 to 3.00:
Concession 12.50% to 22.50%

Above 3.00:
Concession 25.00% to 30.00%

Pension & Social Security Contributions
monthly payments required
18% to 20%

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